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The Anger Thermometer App can help people to:

  • Identify how they are feeling,
  • Understand the signs of becoming angry (i.e., moving ‘up’ the thermometer)
  • Use coping strategies to reduce their anger (i.e., move ‘down’ the thermometer).

For example, if a person recognizes that s/he is feeling angry (red level), the person can use a strategy to reduce the anger and move into a calmer mood (green level).

The Anger Thermometer App is ideally suited for teachers, counselors, therapists, clinicians, and parents.

It’s unique because it can be used with people who are verbal or non-verbal. In addition, it can be used discretely, and will not draw attention to the person using it. It is also portable and can be taken wherever the person goes.

How to use the Anger Thermometer:

  • The bottom of the Anger Thermometer is green, which represents feeling calm.
  • The middle is yellow and represents the feeling of becoming annoyed
  • The top is red and represents feeling angry.
  • When the green area is pressed, a reinforcing message appears.
  • When the yellow and red areas are pressed, strategies to restore a feeling of calm are provided.

The Anger Thermometer App is versatile and can be used in many ways:

  1. Present hypothetical situations that can make a person angry and use the Anger Thermometer as a tool to identify how one would feel in that situation as well as learn the calming strategies that can help.
  2. Use the Anger Thermometer is to have individuals use the App to identify their feelings during a real-life situation.
  3. Use it to debrief about a situation after-the-fact and lay the foundation to avoid or manage such situations in the future.

To help people get the most out of the Anger Thermometer App , we have outlined the many ways in which each level can be used. This information is available in the App itself, when the ‘information’ icon is selected on each of the corresponding 3 levels. 


  • It’s an effective problem-solving tool that serves to help individuals identify and regulate their feelings.
  • It can be used as a preventative tool, a situational tool, or a debriefing tool after-the-fact.
  • It helps people (both verbal and non-verbal) visually and concretely identify their feelings.
  • It provides calming strategies that are both simple and effective.
  • Used consistently and properly, it can have a positive impact on students by preventing/reducing behavior problems & aggression while improving time-on-task behavior & social skills.

Anger Thermometer is featured on the popular App review site: I Heart This App!                                  

AppAble said: “Great idea for an app.  I personally have a child who would benefit from it – thank you for sharing with us.”


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